Double Identity

In Chechnya, an American doctor (Val Kilmer) takes a detour in life when he helps a mysterious woman (Izabella Miko) escape from her would-be assailant. He gets caught in the middle of a diamond smuggling, mafia ring when his identity is mixed with another man and he ends up going through a dangerous series ov eventsĀ as he tries to escape criminals, spies, double spies, and the country. Directed by Dennis Dimmster (Cold Heart).

Rating: 4 out of 10

It’s a shame when a good cast is wasted. This movie was full of solid, not spectacular, but good performances. Each cast member, from Kilmer to the stunning Miko, down to side villains, were believable in a world that was sharp with a nice foreign backdrop for a spy/thriller film.

However, this movie went nowhere. Kilmer and Miko meet on the street when Miko, a spy, is spotted taking pictures of criminals. To escape, she approaches Kilmer, a doctor, and kisses him and he gives her a ride to help her escape. After that, their paths cross again, accept Kilmer’s identity is switched and the villains chasing Kilmer are the same Miko is after. There is no character or relationship development between the two, other than they kiss every time they see each other.

In the end, we’re given some typical chases, gun fights, kidnappings, double agents, and lots and lots and lots of characters that add little to the film. This was a confusing script that didn’t really go anywhere. Our good actors, settings and decent dialogue are squashed under the weight of bad direction that goes nowhere leaving the viewer with little to care about in its characters or plot.

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